Our scientific knowledge strengthens and improves society and the well-being of people.

We always work closely together and in co-creation with our clients. Our clients can be part of a business community, the government or a healthcare institution. For whomever we carry out assignments, quality, independence and transparency are key elements. Policy and actions in healthcare practice need to be scientifically substantiated. We ensure that they are.

Team TGO

Bridge between science and health practice

We are the bridge between health practice and science in all our projects, by:

  • answering questions in the field of welfare and health (care) from practice on the basis of scientific research methods;
  • analyzing bottlenecks and developments in and from practice such as health, welfare and care policy based on scientific knowledge;
  • stimulating and inspiring practice to scientifically substantiate care and methodologies.


Annet Jansen
Annet Jansen Research assistant

Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
Hanzeplein 1
9713 GZ Groningen
Entrance 47, ​​​​Oostersingel

More information in Dutch visit: www.toegepastgezondheidsonderzoek.nl