UMCG policy
UMCG policy

About cookies

Cookies are small files sent along with pages of a website and stored on your computer. The UMCG uses cookies to:
  • gather and analyse data on the use of its website
  • enable the website to be read aloud
  • show videos.

Cookies for webstatistics

All UMCG website such as, and use cookies to understand how visitors use the website. The data gathered is used to improve the site and enhance usability. The UMCG uses Adobe’s Digital Analytix. The contract with Adobe says the data belongs to the UMCG and may not be shared with third parties. ​​​​​​
European legislation considers this sufficient protection of your privacy as the data can't be traced back to you as an individual. Therefore, no explicit consent with the installation of these cookies is required. Consequently, they are placed without it.

Cookies for reading the site aloud

The cookies the UMCG uses to enable the site to be read aloud are so-called  functional cookies. These cookies are a technical necessity for the website to function properly. Legislation allows installation of these cookies without consent.

Cookies for videos

The UMCG-website contains Youtube and Vimeo videos. If you watch these videos, these companies will store cookies on your computer. When you visit the UMCG website for the first time, you will be asked if you have any objections against these cookies. If you do, you may choose not to accept these cookies. The drawback is that you won’t be able to watch Youtube or Vimeo videos on the UMCG website.

Change cookie-settings

You can change your current cookie settings with the following button: