Promoting a learning environment and craftsmanship in youth care. Research
Promoting a learning environment and craftsmanship in youth care.
In C4Youth we promote a learning environment in youth care for professionals in youth care, researchers, policy makers and educators, and we promote craftsmanship for the healthy, safe, and promising growth and upbringing of young people.

C4Youth has been around since 2010 and works with four-year programmes. In 2021-2024, two cooperative learning networks are conducted, based on participatory action research on five issues, which have been established with the cooperation partners in the province of Groningen:

Network 1 'Coherence of prevention and assistance'

  • Strengthening prevention;
  • Better access to (youth) care for children and parents;
  • Alignment of education & youth care, especially for vulnerable children.

Network 2 'Growing up safely and at home'

  • More children growing up at home;
  • Improving security.

In our approach we combine knowledge and expertise from research, science, practice, young people, and parents. We make existing knowledge and experiences accessible, try to unravel and understand the underlying causes and subsequently develop regional experiments.


Implementating the knowlegde we have

In the view of C4Youth, the current issues in youth care are so complex that a one-dimensional approach is not sufficient to really achieve results and impact for the target audience. We opt for an approach that is suitable for this, namely that of participatory action research. In short, we determine who the 'stakeholders' are in specific issues, we analyse the issues together, we map out existing knowledge and determine how we can use and apply it. We formulate objectives and determine in co-creation which elements and factors are relevant for achieving them. In our view, there is almost always enough knowledge, but the problem usually lies in the implementation of it.

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