Research Support We support our researchers in information and data management with guidelines for conducting medical research and preparation for ethical reviews Facility
The UMCG supports researchers in every phase of their research. Ranging from funding advice to data management, and from outreach support to guidelines for conducting medical research in a correct and ethical way.
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Grants, Funding & Financial Issues

  • Grant Support office

    Researchers at every level in their career (from post-docs to professors) can make use of our grant support services, part of the UMCG Research Office. The grant support office is the prime go-to point for any grant-related issue: be it for national, international, personal grants, consortia or public-private collaborations.

    Our support includes:

    • Tailored funding advice (in person or per department/group)
    • Call-specific networking support and stakeholder analysis
    • Funding workshops
    • Pre-award support
    • Support with proposal budgets and signatures

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    UMCG Research BV

    We provide top research life cycle support by connecting people, ideas, tools and resources to enable excellent research with long-lasting impact

    We offer:

    • Facilitation sessions for idea development
    • Pre- and post-award support
    • Training in research project management
    • Knowledge gathering and exchange
    • Tailored consultancy.

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Impact, Publishing & Outreach

  • We share our stories on impact to your benefit and we can help you to gather your impact evidence. Will you join us?

    • We inform, educate and create awareness about the impact of research and collaborations beyond academia.
    • We define tailored activities for individual researchers as well as departments, e.g. PhD impact prizes or citizen science events within research projects.

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  • The Central Medical Library can help you with expertise in Open Access publishing, citation analysis, copyright issues, plagiarism scanning and PURE.

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Career & Personal development

Research Data & Biobanking

  • We are the central place within the UMCG for more information or advice on project management, data management, FAIR data, data integration, the provision of an innovative IT research infrastructure, training and consultancy. Every year IMO supports about 80 projects, large and small studies. 

    IMO protects the scientific integrity of research studies and data involving human related subjects. This guarantees, among other things, the privacy of participants of studies. The tools that we offer and support are certified (e.g. ISO27001) and compliant with applicable rules and regulations​ and meet all needed requirements. IMO works closely with other departments and projects in- and outside the UMCG.

    • Facilitate, training and advice on research tools
    • Support and advice on pseudonymisation and anonymisation
    • Facilitate and advice on privacy in research

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  • The Genomics Coordination Center (GCC) is the UMCG expertise hub for ‘omics’ data analysis, integrative bioinformatics and FAIR data stewardship.

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  • We stand for FAIR data: Findable, Accessible, Identifiable, Reusable

    We aim to help you make your research data FAIR and compliant with all the applicable laws and regulations and funding organisations’ requirements.  We advise you about best practices in research, and tools and services available to optimize the management of your research data.

    Our support includes:

    • Consult with researchers about their data management issues, questions and needs. We assess these, specific to the research project and advise researchers on the most suitable solutions, tools and services available in the UMCG to help solve the challenges.

    • Advise on the elaboration of a research data management plan (RDMP) which complies with the UMCG and funding organizations’ requirements.

    • Foster best practices in research by describing these in Standard Operational Procedures, templates and forms. Researchers can use these documents for reference to make their own research data compliant with the applicable laws and regulations and FAIR principles.

    • Give workshops to PhD students and researchers, which focus on the key aspects a researcher needs to be aware of, in order to implement a good data management plan. More information: Research Data Management Awareness Workshops

    The DCC maintains connections with research support teams inside the UMCG as well as outside the UMCG. Through this network if we do not have an answer to the issue or question, we are able to link researchers to the appropriate team or knowledge.

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  • The Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub serves as an umbrella for the UMCG’s cohort and biobank activities. We bring together a community of researchers, cohorts, and biobanks to drive new discoveries. Through our network we are able to connect you to the right people, knowledge, and ideas; facilitating new collaborations.

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Compliance with Rules & Regulations

  • When preparing and performing scientific research in human subjects and pre-clinical research, our research tools help you to comply with internal and external legislation and take into account safety, privacy and quality aspects. For example, we provide:

    • Relevant information
    • Relevant documents and checklists to be completed
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • Templates and forms

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  • The UMCG Research Register is a database containing all research projects from UMCG employees. Registration is mandatory for WMO and non-WMO projects, investigator initiated and sponsored projects, healthy volunteers and patients who give their biological samples and/or medical data.

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  • To preserve scientific integrity, the Board of Directors of the UMCG has drawn up a Research Code. The UMCG Research Code provides researchers with guidelines for conducting medical research in a correct and ethical fashion.

    Research code

  • Basic course on Regulations and Organization of Clinical Trials (BROK®) UMCG

    This platform is not only for researchers who want to obtain their BROK® certificate, but also for researchers who already have a BROK® certificate and want to keep their certification (re-certification). The eBROK is available in Dutch and English.

    More information and register the BROK® course


  • An example of how we support researchers to comply with regulations is our e-learning Privacy in Research on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Non UMCG staff are asked to register before they can start the e-learning.

    Read more about the e-learning

  • The UMCG provided ethics review for WMO and nWMO scientific research.

    Read more about ethical review for WMO studies

    Read more about ethical review for nWMO studies

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  • The carefulness with which clinical research must be carried out, the associated increasing regulations, and the requirements imposed on the implementation, make increasingly higher demands on the (UMCG) researchers.

    The Service Desk CRO professionals are aware of these demands and administration burden and can assist in the start-up and the execution of high quality research, with an eye for quality and how to keep it practical. The CRO professionals have been supporting the conduct of clinical trials for many years, are involved in many projects / collaborations and are aware of the applicable requirements. Examples of clinical trial support serviced which can be requested:

    • Monitoring Clinical Trials
    • National and/or ZonMw grant application support
    • EC/CA submissions
    • Study Management
    • Clinical Project management
    • Safety management
    • DSMB reporting

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Valorisation & Entrepreneurship:

  • The Center for Development and Innovation (CDI) assists with:

    • Protection and improvement of intellectual property rights;
    • Interaction with industrial partners;
    • Development of a strategy to exploit existing knowledge;
    • Creation of centers of expertise;
    • Start-ups and spin-offs;

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