Research Support

Research Support

The UMCG provides researchers with assistance in managing information and data, for instance by providing them with guidelines for conducting medical research and preparing applications for ethical review. Facility
The UMCG provides researchers with assistance in managing information and data, for instance by providing them with guidelines for conducting medical research and preparing applications for ethical review.
The UMCG supports researchers during every stage of their research. The assistance offered ranges from funding advice to data management and from outreach support to providing guidelines for conducting ethically sound medical research.
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Grants, Funding & Financial Issues

  • Grant Support Office

    All researchers, ranging from postdocs to professors, can make use of our grant support services provided by the UMCG Research Office. The Grant Support Office is the facility to consult for all grant-related issues, including national, international, and/or personal grants, consortia, or public-private collaborations.
    The support offered includes:

    • Tailored funding advice (in person or per department/group);
    • Call-specific networking support and stakeholder analysis;
    • Funding workshops;
    • Pre-award support;
    • Assistance with proposal budgets and signatures.

    See also: Support to develop your career

    UMCG Research BV

    The UMCG Research BV provides assistance with research project life cycle management by connecting ideas, people, tools, and resources.
    The services offered include:

    • Facilitation sessions for idea development;
    • Preaward and postaward support;
    • Training in research project management;
    • Assistance with knowledge gathering and exchange;
    • Tailored consultancy.

    See also: Research BV

Impact, Publishing & Outreach

  • The UMCG impact team shares stories about impact to help you and is also able to assist you in gathering impact evidence. Will you join us?

    • The UMCG impact team provides information and education, and creates awareness about the impact of research and collaborations beyond the academic world;
    • The UMCG impact team develops tailored activities for individual researchers as well as for departments, e.g. PhD impact prizes or citizen science events as part of research projects.

    See also: UMCG Impact Team

  • The Central Medical Library can offer expert advice on Open Access publishing, citation analysis, copyright issues, plagiarism scanning, and PURE.

    See also: Central Medical Library


Career & Personal development

  • Within the UMCG, several parties can contribute to career and personal development, either by offering general career support (e.g. giving information about the terms of employment) or by offering tailored advice on how to advance your scientific career, both at an early and at an advanced stage.

    See also: Support to develop your career
    See also: Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Research Data & Biobanking

  • This facility assists researchers in setting up and implementing high-quality research on human-related topics. The IMO closely collaborates with other departments and projects, both within and outside the UMCG.

    For more information, please send an e-mail to Informatie Management Onderzoek (IMO)

  • The Genomics Coordination Center (GCC) is the UMCG expertise hub for omics data analysis, integrative bioinformatics, and FAIR data stewardship.

    See also: GCC

  • The Digital Competence Center (DCC) is a virtual front office and first point of contact offering assistance with research data management and information about available tools and services. 

    For more information, please contact UMCG Research Support

  • The Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub serves as an umbrella for the UMCG’s cohort and biobank activities. We connect researchers, cohorts, and biobanks to accelerate discoveries. Our network enables us to connect you with the right people, knowledge, and ideas and, therefore, to facilitate new collaborations.

    For more information, please contact Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub or visit our Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub.

Compliance with Rules & Regulations

  • When preparing and conducting scientific research involving human subjects and preclinical research, our research tools enable you to comply with internal and external legislation and take into account safety, privacy, and quality aspects. 
    The Research Toolbox provides:

    • Relevant information;
    • Relevant documents and checklists;
    • Standard operating procedures (SOPs);
    • Templates and forms.

    For more information, please contact UMCG Research Support

  • The UMCG Research Register is a database containing all research projects participated in by UMCG employees. Registration is mandatory for WMO (WMO: Medical Research involving Human Subjects Act) and non-WMO projects, investigator-initiated and -sponsored projects, projects involving healthy volunteers and patients from whom biological samples and/or medical data are obtained.

    For more information, please contact UMCG Research Support

  • To ensure scientific integrity, the Board of Directors of the UMCG has drawn up a Research Code. The UMCG Research Code provides researchers with guidelines for conducting ethically sound medical research.

    See also: Research code

  • Basic course on Regulations and Organization of Clinical Trials (BROK®) at the UMCG.

    This course is not only intended for researchers who wish to obtain a BROK® certificate but also for researchers who wish to keep their BROK® certificate through re-certification. The eBROK® course is available in Dutch and English.

    see also: BROK® course: information and register

  • An example of how we help researchers comply with current regulations is our Privacy in Research e-learning course on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Non-UMCG staff are required to register before starting the e-learning course.

    See also: E-learning course

  • The UMCG provides ethics reviews for WMO and non-WMO scientific research.

    See also: Ethics reviews for WMO studies.

    See also: Ethics reviews for non-WMO studies

    For more information, please contact UMCG Research Support

  • UMCG and non-UMCG researchers have to cope with increasing demands because clinical research must be carried out meticulously, the number of prevailing regulations are increasing, and the implementation must meet various requirements.

    The Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Service Desk professionals are aware of these demands and the associated administrative burden and can offer assistance in starting up and executing high-quality research. They can give practical advice while taking the desired quality level into account. For many years, the CRO professionals have been providing assistance in conducting clinical trials. They are also involved in many projects and collaborations and are aware of the applicable requirements. 

    Clinical trial support services provided include:

    • Monitoring of clinical trials;
    • National and/or ZonMw grant application support;
    • EC/CA submissions;
    • Study management;
    • Clinical project management;
    • Safety management;
    • DSMB reporting.

    For more information, please contact UMCG Research Support

Valorization & Entrepreneurship

  • The Innovation Center assists with:

    • Protection and improvement of intellectual property rights;
    • Interaction with industrial partners;
    • Development of a strategy to exploit existing knowledge;
    • Creation of centres of expertise;
    • Startups and spinoffs.

    See also: Innovation Center