Center for Development and Innovation (CDI)

Improve economic value and share our know-how and collaborate with industry Network
Improve economic value and share our know-how and collaborate with industry

The UMCG harbors a realm of highly skilled specialists, renowned scientists, state of the art equipment, dedicated laboratory facilities and, of course, devoted patient care.

Our Center for Development and Innovation stimulates and nurtures the exchange of expertise, facilities and knowledge. We support the interaction between clinicians and health care professionals, scientists, departments and collaborating parties.

Partners and business

  • Support for interaction with partners both public and private building
  • Maintaining​ strategic alliances with core partners
  • Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Set up of contracts for fruitful collaboration identifying required expertise and know how


  • Provide support for ​strategic development of projects​ ​protection
  • Improve of Intellectual Property (IP) rights interactions with private partners
  • Exploite existing knowledge ​creation of Centers of Expertise and of Start-ups​

Connecting science to business

We welcome collaborations to generate access to and exchange of underlying creative and innovative scientific ideas, personnel and state-of-the-art facilities.

We connect science to business. This will

  • create new research opportunities and financial support,
  • solve societal driven questions,
  • strengthen the reputation of UMCG and University of Groningen
  • and generate jobs in the northern region of the Netherlands.