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PRECISION: Personalized medicine Research Institute Groningen

Shaping the future of personalized therapy together Institute
Shaping the future of personalized therapy together
The UMCG research institute PRECISION facilitates and stimulates fundamental and translational research on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to enhance personalization of care. 

The Personalized Medicine Research Institute (PRECISION) was established in 2023 and is a collaboration between the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and the Groningen Research Institute for Pharmacy (GRIP) - Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen (UG).

Both fundamental and applied clinical research is conducted on next-generation diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Our focus includes (digital) medical technologies, novel therapeutic strategies- particularly those involving personalized and targeted approaches, and immunological processes underlying disease to advance immune modulatory therapies and personalized care.

To achieve these objectives, PRECISION serves as a platform to connect researchers from diverse fields, including biomedical technology, molecular imaging, digital health, transplantation, microbiology, immunology, vaccination, genetics, and pharmacy.


How our research benefits to society

Personalised medicine represents an exciting opportunity to improve the future of healthcare, offering significant promise for more precise treatment and prevention of disease. Strong investment in research and innovation in technologies and drug development is therefore a prerequisite for its successful implementation. The aim is to provide scientists, innovators, and healthcare providers robust support to deliver the most suitable medicine, at the right dose, for the right person, at the right time.

To support the next generation of healthcare, with a focus on medical practice centred on the individual’s characteristics, PRECISION will foster innovative research in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies aimed at advancing personalized care. To achieve this, we promote an open, inspiring, translational environment to facilitate multidisciplinary scientific excellence. Our goal is to develop novel personalized treatments with scientific, economic and/or societal impact. This will lead to improved effectiveness of diagnostics, treatment, and prevention.

Research themes:

  • Within this theme, we will develop novel medical technologies to identify and monitor disease, to improve (specificity of) treatments and to enhance survival after transplantation.

    Theme lead: 

    Bart Cornelissen

    Research programmes:

  • We aim to improve drug therapies by discovery of novel drug targets, development of new (small molecule and biological) drug entities and therapeutic strategies, improved delivery of these drugs, and evaluation of drug use in the real world (from preclinical to application).

    Theme lead: 

    Patrick van Rijn, Reinoud Gosens

    Research programmes:

  • We will focus on conditions in which homeostasis is disturbed by pathogens or imbalances in host and inflammatory pathways to advance immunomodulatory therapies and vaccine development.

    Theme lead:

    Jill Moser

    Research programmes:


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