The research programme ‘Digital Healthcare’ will focus on development and implementation of (novel) digital applications for health and in health care initiated by either UMCG clinicians or researchers, preferably in close collaborations with other colleagues of the University of Groningen (RUG), the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and/or other external partners.

Focus areas

Because the field of Data Science, ML, AI and e-Health is very broad, the programme currently focusses on the following (research) areas/themes:

  • Machine Learning (Peter M.A. van Ooijen and Job Doornberg)
  • Medical Imaging (Rozemarijn Vliegenthart and Peter M.A. van Ooijen)
  • E-Health, incl. sensor technology and (nurse)robotics (Esther I. Metting)
  • Sensing and Monitoring (Claudine .J.C. Lamoth)

How our research benefits to society

The use of digital applications and artificial intelligence (AI) will play an increasing role in supporting health and improvements in healthcare. It can help overcome current challenges in healthcare such as increasing aging of the population, increasing number of chronically ill patients and limited availability of healthcare personnel.

Healthcare providers will increasingly use innovative, digital tools to:

  1. facilitate the exchange of data with clients/patients and between healthcare providers, which will
  2. improve the health and quality of care for clients/patients and
  3. reduce the burden and workload on healthcare professionals.


University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
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Digital Healthcare
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