Real World Studies in PharmacoEpidemiology, -Genetics, -Economics and -Therapy

We contribute to personalised medicine through development, validation and application of innovative data methodologies as well as “real world” assessments to study outcomes of pharmaceutical interventions and their implementation in daily practice.

In particular, “Big” healthcare data from existing large prescription, healthcare and trial databases as well as from smaller population- or practice-based patient cohorts are used.

Our main research fields are: pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacogenetics, pharmacotherapy and precision drug therapy, quality of drug use, pharmacovigilance and pharmaco-economics. Within these fields, the following research themes and projects are currently distinguished and represent the focus of the program:

  1. Optimising the efficiency and quality of pharmaceutical interventions
  2. Development, validation and application of advanced methodologies to generate scientific knowledge on determinants and effects of interventions in routine medical practice as well as to support policy making.

Expand knowlegde on determinants of medicine use

Our focus lies on prevention and treatment of disease by medicines, including drugs and vaccines, considering effects on quality of life and costs, clinical management of drug therapy and drug safety, all explicitly as part of healthy ageing.


Emphasis is on pharmaceutical treatments through all stages of life from reproduction phase through phases of multi-factorial diseases and old age as well as primary prevention of diseases.

We aim to further expand scientific knowledge on determinants of medicine use, and on their effects in clinical practice on population and individual level.

Findings will support pharmaceutical decision-making from clinical drug development stage, regulatory approval, reimbursement  to finally optimal medicine use. Ultimately, this will contribute to improved health-related quality of life of our ageing population and make pharmaceutical healthcare more efficient and sustainable.