Robotics and imaging technologies provide novel opportunities to improve accuracy of interventions, and help build the ‘operating room of the future’. Robotic and image-guided minimally invasive surgery facilitates clinicians to perform challenging interventions, while accelerating patient recovery.

In our research program we investigate the use of imaging modalities and robotic platforms that can be used to improve surgical interventions.

Some of our areas of application include:

  • micro- and nano-robots for drug delivery;
  • magnetically-engineered devices for endovascular interventions;
  • optical molecular imaging for image-guided interventions;
  • stereotactic navigation for pelvic surgery.

Improving surgical interventions

Minimally invasive surgical interventions improve patient recovery and clinical outcomes. Image-guidance and robotic assistance is expected to have a significant impact on treatment results for several surgical interventions.

We want to improve treatment outcomes by using robotic systems and image-guided approaches.

We bring together state-of-the-art technology and clinical practice through a multidisciplinary team of engineers, surgeons, imaging experts and strategic collaborators from academia and industry.


University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
W.J. Kolff Institute
ROBOTICS - Robotics and Image-Guided Minimally-Invasive surgery
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