Pathology and Medical Biology

Pathology and Medical Biology

We build bridges between disease pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment for individual patients Department
We build bridges between disease pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment for individual patients
To prevent disease, improve diagnosis and select or design effective treatment, understanding of the underlying cellular and molecular processes is essential. To achieve this, analysis of tissues, isolated cells and their derivatives within a clinical context are the cornerstones of our research.

Our tissue-driven research focuses on a broad spectrum of organ systems and cell types and contributes to innovations in diagnostics and treatment.
Diagnostic service and research are closely intertwined which strengthens the overall quality.

  • We use tissues and pre-clinical ex vivo models to reveal how diseases arise and develop;
  • We translate our results into new tools for accurate diagnosis and options for treatment.

How our research benefits to society

Pathology and Medical Biology makes a difference

Research is centered around the pillars Mechanisms of Diseases and Innovative Diagnostics and Treatments. The overarching goal is to understand the pathophysiology of diseases. The main themes are inflammatory /autoimmune diseases, fibrosis, chronic diseases and cancers.

Tissue is the issue

Any tissue that is obtained from a patient is used to define an accurate diagnosis using a variety of innovative tests. This allows us to recognize the often-subtle differences in tissues of patients having similar disease. This is essential to determine the most optimal treatment. The aim of our research is to unravel the cause of these subtle differences, refine the diagnostic accuracy and identify the best treatment option for the patients.

Collaborations are key

The complexity of diseases in general requires a multidisciplinary effort to improve patients prospects. Our department closely collaborates with clinical departments in the UMCG to address the clinically relevant research questions and develop methods and models to answer them. In addition, we have multiple collaborations with other research groups both within and outside of the Netherlands, and we participate in various international networks.

See also: UMCG Afdeling Pathologie en Medische Biologie (information for patients in Dutch)

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Medical Biology
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