Internal medicine Our integrative and collaborative research promotes healthy lifeyears Department
Ageing makes people more vulnerable to both acute and chronic diseases. More than half of all individuals over 65 years in The Netherlands suffer from more than one disease (multimorbidity). The overall goal of our research is to add high-quality life-years to our ageing population.

Internal medicine covers acute and chronic multifactorial conditions. These conditions, particularly when co-existing in the patient with multimorbidity, strongly impact quality of life, disease burden, and life expectancy.

We perform fundamental and translational research to better understand complex diseases and develop novel interventions. We also analyse large datasets from patients and healthy individuals to discover biomarkers and study clinical outcomes. We coordinate and participate in clinical trials of all types (phase 1-4) and sizes. These different studies all aim to improve health by better prevention or treatment. We involve patients in all aspects of research, and collaborate with private partners and policy makers to boost societal impact.



Integrative science to achieve more healthy years

Our research topics are strongly aligned with several UMCG key areas of research:

We collaborate with all relevant stakeholders including patients and patient organisations, national and international research groups, and policy makers. We also participate in several large, (inter-)national consortia where public and private partners collaborate to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to address complex diseases. Specific examples are provided in our division subpages (links below).

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