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Leading to a fundamentally different type of health research Key area
Leading to a fundamentally different type of health research
Health data is a gamechanger in health research. By studying large data sets from healthy populations and specific patient groups we develop new prevention strategies, diagnostics and treatments.

Health data enable researchers from all over the world to better prevent, predict, diagnose and treat diseases and inhibit or stop progression of disease. In using these data, we establish links between the causes and pathogenesis of disease, the risk factors and health outcomes.

The UMCG health data initiatives focus on longitudinal data on one hand during normal life course and on the other hand with respect to disease, together with creating the availability of a large variety of data per individual (obviously with respect to everyone’s privacy). This  has led and will further lead to a fundamentally different type of health research. Different in pace, different in scale, different in set-up.

Are you interested to work with our health data, visit us at the Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub.

Do you have questions or challenges around health data science, would you like to meet experts or follow courses in data science, then contact the UMCG Data Science Center in Health (DASH).

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