We are curious about worldwide health. This is why we study the major factors that influence the health of individuals and populations worldwide. So we can answer the questions that matter.

For instance about the importance of ethnicity in studying diabetes. About the risks of tuberculosis these days. Or what the effect of poverty on health is. We do this so we can help change or create laws or implement new cure and care strategies.

Our main fields of research interest concern public health topics in:

  • Prevention of chronic diseases and its complications
  • Global maternal and child health
  • Public-health cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Global prevention of drug-related complications
  • Health issues in minority groups
  • Prevention of infectious diseases and anti-microbial resistance

A large impact on humanity and society

We focus on disease domains that have a large impact on humanity and society.

  • Non-communicable diseases
  • Epidemiology Infectious diseases
  • Technological innovations in medicine


Hanneke Vervoort
Hanneke Vervoort Research Assistant, Project Manager

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