We know staying active and healthy as we get older increases wellbeing and participation of people. They'll recover from illness more quickly. Staying healthy troughout the life course also reduces the risk of getting chronic disease or dropping out of work.

In our PHR research programme we conduct research into two main themes that are core domains of public health:

  • Prediction and early detection of deteriorating health and disease.
  • Social participation in case of health problems.

Opening new routes for prevention

Increasing evidence suggests a high impact of early life experiences on later life health outcomes.

Moreover, the prevalence of chronic disease increases in the aging population, the increase in life expectancy is faster than that of healthy life expectancy. This leads to a need for new approaches to increase social and work participation in case of health problems.

  • We perform research in close collaboration with practitioners and clinical groups such as Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Oncology, Neurology and Rehabilitation, and with allied health professionals such as physical therapists.

    Our team itself has a multidisciplinary composition, in which public health physicians, social scientists and health scientists.

    All our programme members maintain very close links with public and occupational health organizations, and other practice-based organizations that can implement the evidence obtained by our programme.