Contributing to effective and innovative cervical cancer screening, including direct treatment for women in resource-poor or hard-to-reach settings in the world. Research
Contributing to effective and innovative cervical cancer screening, including direct treatment for women in resource-poor or hard-to-reach settings in the world.
Cervical cancer is a major public health problem, with annually more than 500.000 women worldwide diagnosed with this disease. With the Prevention and Screening Innovation Project towards Elimination of Cervical Cancer (PRESCRIP-TEC) we contribute to effective and innovative cervical cancer screening, including direct treatment for women in resource-poor or hard-to-reach settings in the world.

With PRESCRIP-TEC we conduct implementation research in four countries over three continents: Bangladesh and India in Asia, Uganda in Africa, and Slovakia in Eastern Europe. We will improve existing screening protocols in the four countries. In this research universities, cancer institutes and non-governmental organisations from these countries collaborate with the University Medical Center Groningen and the Female Cancer Foundation in the Netherlands.

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Improving coverage of cervical cancer screening

We study and address the barriers and facilitators of providing state-of-the-art community-based screening, treatment, and follow-up programme for cervical cancer in selected settings in Bangladesh, India, Uganda, and Slovak Republic. We measure coverage and uptake in relation to availability, accessibility, acceptability, quality and cost-effectiveness, and options for scaling up. The implementation research will focus on best ways to increase participation and compliance in cervical cancer screening (on the beneficiaries’ side) and improve implementation fidelity (on the providers’ side).

We will use an artificial intelligence decision support systems (AI-DSS) in gynaecological examination. The use of artificial intelligence built into mobile devices offers high quality diagnosis in resource-poor settings. Inter-observer variation in Visual Inspection of the cervix with Acetic acid (VIA) will be reduced, especially when health workers with lower levels of training are involved in the screening process.

PRESCRIP-TEC is part of UMCG researchgroup Global Health.


  1. UMCG bachelor students participate in PRESCRIP-TEC project in Bangladesh


    In April and May 2022 the research team in Bangladesh performed a survey into knowledge, practices and attitudes of rural women and men, concerning cervical cancer, prevention and screening. Three medical students from UMCG participated in the training of field workers and assisted in the data collection in the field. They worked with the Bangladeshi team for six weeks and travelled by boat to remote areas in Bangladesh. In total, over 600 women and men were interviewed.

    They helped with the data analysis and produced a Bachelor thesis for their medical studies. This study will help the PRESCRIP-TEC project in strengthening the communication and community mobilisation to achieve maximum participation in the HPV self-testing and (if necessary) follow-up screening by visual inspection of the cervix.

    The same study was performed in Uganda, India and Slovakia. The multi-country study gives insights into country-specific context to be taken into account in rolling out HPV testing programmes.

    In Uganda another team of medical students from UMCG worked in the field with a local research team.

  2. One year of the Cervical Cancer Elimination movement


    On 17 Wednesday November 2021, we marked the first anniversary of the first time the world has committed to eliminating a specific type of cancer: Cervical Cancer.

    One year ago countries and communities across the globe engaged in the Cervical Cancer Elimination movement with a day of action. Over 100 landmarks litt in the color teal – the color for the cervical cancer elimination movement. In addition, cervical cancer survivors shared their stories, public health experts played leading roles, and ambassadors of the cause represented a broad coalition of partners dedicated to eliminating cervical cancer.

    On this day the World Health Organization (WHO) also launched a global strategy to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer as a public health problem, with a resolution passed by 194 countries.

    Read more about the global strategy and what PRE-SCRIPTEC does to promote it.

  3. Dr. Jaap Koot about the importance of the PRESCRIP-TEC project


    At the International Student Congress of (bio)Medical Sciences (ISCOMS) Dr. Jaap Koot spoke about why the PRESCRIP-TEC project is needed and important in preventing women from getting cervical cancer.

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  4. Nomination for PRESCRIP-TEC


    PRESCRIP-TEC is nominated for the Dutch Computable Awards 2021 in the Care Project category. The jury calls the project an 'innovative approach to pressing problems with clearly quantifiable effects'. 

    Read the jury report Nomination for PRESCRIP-TEC (in Dutch).