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UMCG Research BV

We provide top research life cycle support by connecting people, ideas, tools and resources to enable excellent research with long-lasting impact Group
We provide top research life cycle support by connecting people, ideas, tools and resources to enable excellent research with long-lasting impact
Are you a researcher looking for grant support or advice on how to organise your project? Is your department facing a complex task or change process? Or are you a project manager wanting to develop your professional skills? Let’s talk, and see how we can help each other.

Are you a researcher?

We can help you and your stakeholders navigate the research life cycle, from idea development to project design, implementation and evaluation until impact creation. You bring in your research excellence; we bring in our project management know-how, funding expertise and network; we help you set up your research project, increase your chances of getting funded and organise the smooth operation of your project in the post-award phase. We are fully embedded within the UMCG, allowing us to build on the UMCG’s significant institutional experience and to engage with great UMCG colleagues. Our strong national and international network ensures you with up-to-date and state-of-the-art support. 

Are you a UMCG staff member, a head of department or a UMCG manager?

We also provide tailored consultancy to UMCG departments, depending on the challenges you are facing. Our project managers are highly qualified enablers with skills that also qualify them as consultants, change managers, policy advisors, editors or business developers. We are ready to support you. And if we do not have the expertise you are looking for, we will happily connect you to other qualified professionals in our network to solve your need. 

Do you work in the field of research support as a project manager or research administrator?

At the Research BV we know how important it is to be up-to-date, to develop your professional profile and to expand your network. We are happy to share and exchange our knowledge and experience through the training, workshops and connections we provide. 

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How can we help? Our services

Coming from different backgrounds with a passion for science, our project managers share the ambition to facilitate high-quality research and to create the conditions to make science and scientists flourish. With our support, advice and services, we aim to contribute to a healthy future and to create a strong connection between the medical sciences and society at large.

    • Strategic advice: consortium and project set-up (brainstorm session with logical framework approach, stakeholder analysis, templates).
    • Organisational support: making timelines, distributing tasks, collecting partners’ information and input, facilitating consortium meetings, advising on budget set-up, communicating with other support offices.
    • Writing and reviewing: structuring impact and management section -> matching proposal to call conditions -> reviewing and editing -> logo and layout design.

    The Grant Support Hub can provide financial support to cover the costs of the pre-award phase. 

    Research BV Pre-award workflow

    • Strategic advice: processing feedback on proposals, positioning towards a rebuttal, preparing strategy for a hearing.
    • Organisational support: distributing tasks, collecting partners’ information and input, coordinating signatures for grant and consortium agreements, aligning budgetary requirements, communicating with other support offices, negotiating with the European Commission.
    • Writing and reviewing: organising portal, answering questions with the support of the legal office, structuring and reviewing documentation (incl. rebuttal, description of action, etc.).
    • Financial and legal management: reporting, communicating with funding agencies, infrastructure/systems.
    • Dissemination and communication: helping with website set-up, videos (e.g. 3D animations), outreach and keeping contact with partners.
    • Training of researchers and project managers: organising workshops on specific topics (impact, gender dimensions, grant writing, sustainable development, data management and open science etc.).
    • We provide a variety of UMCG Research BV training in the area of research project management, covering behavioral, contextual and technical skills for researchers and for project managers. 
    • We provide tailored training on request. Please contact Research BV
    • We actively collaborate with the following project management networks:
  • Tailored consultancy based on the challenges you are facing. 

    Assistance in identifying processes that need improvement and implement those improvements to support growth and success.

    Advice and support to effectively build up and enhance your team.

    • Support with the transition of UMCG-affiliated foundations to research funds.
    • Administrative structure and support for the establishment of funds.
    • Financial management of research funds and UMCG foundations.

    Please  contact Eline Wegman for more information.

    • Open communication: every day we build knowledge and skills with our team, researchers and network based on open communication.
    • Project evaluations: in order to ensure the highest quality we evaluate and monitor all our services on a regular basis with our clients during an evaluation meeting and through an evaluation form.
    • UMCG Complaint procedure : if you feel your complaint has not been heard or you want to stay anonymous, you can also officially submit a complaint through the complaint procedure of the UMCG. Your complaint will be treated confidentially and you will receive a reply within 5 working days. See also: "Bent u niet tevreden? vertel het ons" (only in Dutch).
    • Audits: Every year we perform an internal ISO 9001 audit for our quality management system, and every five years an audit of the Central Register for Short Vocational Education for our training activities. 
    • “Before we did a grant without you and that was really a mistake and quite a waste of time and resources” Rob Withagen, 18-02-2021, RBV pre-award support for NWO OTP proposal
    • “Through clear analysis and good communication by our project manager, and an overall good impression of the project by the EU project officer, we got this extension in one go” 11-11-2021, Barbara Bakker, RBV post-award support for MSCA-ITN PoLiMeR
    • “Very interactive, hands-on training with experienced and pleasant trainers. Real-life case studies of participants was particularly helpful” Anonymous, 15-09-2019, LFA Training