Natascha Reich

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Project Manager

Project management to me means empowering others to achieve their goals. Having had the privilege to achieve my own academic and professional goals in the past and wanting to help others on their way to success was a major motivation for me to join the UMCG Research BV. My tasks include facilitating collaboration and communication, structuring workflows and brainstorming with PIs and researchers. Besides doing post-award management, I regularly assist the Grant Support Hub in securing personal funding for researchers. In addition, I am currently one of the Research BV's expertise contact persons in the field of AI and Machine Learning.

My training as a scientist (M.S. Applied Physics) enables me to relate to the scientific side of the projects I manage, and my background in the humanities (Ph.D. Ethnomusicology) contributes a relevant foundational knowledge of social and societal aspects. For my current role in mostly post-award project management, I additionally draw on many transferable skills that my professional background as a project consultant in the field of historic monument preservation ("monumentenzorg") has equipped me with.
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