Anouk van der Meij

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Project Manager

All along my academic and professional path, I have been driven by my enthusiasm to support and motivate people. I am therefore very fortunate to be working as a project manager at the Research BV, where I can support researchers during the pre-award phase of their project. I aim to help researchers with setting up their projects according to the requirements of specific grants or providing organizational support.   The combination of my master’s degrees in molecular and clinical neurosciences, as well as Science, Business and Policy is the perfect background for my position at the Research BV. I have experienced research from up close as well as everything that occurs around it. During my second master's, I got exposed to the world of science advising in the theoretical and practical sense, with a policy-related internship at the UMCG. I look forward to continuing my professional career at the Research BV, and providing support where I can.
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