Data Science Center in Health (DASH)

Data Science Center in Health (DASH)

Embedding data science in the DNA of the UMCG Facility
Embedding data science in the DNA of the UMCG
DASH is the University Medical Center Groningen’s Data Science Center in Health. We are a knowledge hub, community, and facilitator in the field of health data science.

Data-driven innovation has the potential to transform health and care, but there is a lack of evidence-based applications. At DASH we offer knowledge, community and project development activities to support data-driven innovation in prevention and care.

Our activities and facilities are state of the art, have a strong regional base and an international scope. We offer synergetic support to research, education and implementation in the field of data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eHealth, integrating these activities into the DNA of the UMCG. DASH facilitates projects from fundamental research to implementation in clinical practice and can help you deal with ethical, legal, and social aspects (ELSA) that you may face when performing innovative data-intensive research. We are the experts in population- and patient-based cohort data and can help you link datasets, develop and implement advanced methods of data analysis, come up with next-level IT solutions, and find partners. 

DASH experts

At DASH we work with four strategic lines, linked to DASH experts: Esther Metting in eHealth, Job Doornberg in the clinical implementation of AI, Rozemarijn Vliegenthart in clinical cohort data and Peter van Ooijen in machine learning. 

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Partnerships and collaborations

DASH often collaborates with other relevant parties and participates in partnerships. A number of them are listed below.

  • The ELSA AI lab Northern Netherlands (ELSA-NN) is committed to the promotion of healthy living, working and ageing. By investigating the ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Societal), cultural and psychological aspects of the use of AI in different decision-making contexts and integrating this knowledge into an online ELSA tool, ELSA-NN aims to contribute to knowledge, development and implementation of trustworthy human-centric AI.

  • The AI Think Tank aims to put forward solicited and unsolicited ideas and give advice to the Data Science Center in Health (DASH) about the policy for and application of AI in research and clinical settings. For more information about the AI Think Tank and its members, please visit Think Tank

  • Our Machine Learning Lab (MLL) provides researchers with support in the field of machine learning and community building within the UMCG. An MLL board has been appointed to set long-term goals and strategies for the community. It coordinates and monitors key activities, allocates resources and decides on further direction. More information about the board and its members can be found here

How DASH works

  • Once a year, you can apply for a DASH project and get dedicated support from the DASH team with getting your research project started. DASH projects are open to UMCG researchers working in clinical and preclinical UMCG departments who perform promising research that involves challenges regarding big or complex data, research IT, or data science. The two winning projects will receive support from DASH employees in the form of man-hours and/or a financial contribution for special support or resources.

    Previous DASH-projects: 

    • DASH is leading the educational project AIProHealth, with which we want to contribute to the implementation of AI in healthcare in the near future.
    • We support educational activities, such as the minor Data Wise at the University of Groningen and courses on AI.
    • We work together with various organisations, such as AiMED, to support initiatives regarding AI and to exchange information. In addition, we organise the 'Data Science and AI in Health' summer school  and have developed the AIProHealth  'online course How AI can support Healthcare'.
    • To share knowledge about data science, we give DASH mini-lectures in which experts provide more information about specific topics, cases, and developments in this field.


  • Our Machine Learning Lab (MLL) provides researchers with support in the field of machine learning and promotes community building within UMCG. We have set up an online platform for sharing knowledge and organise biweekly meetings where PhD students, postdocs and staff discuss technical issues related to machine learning. Want to know more or join? Contact us at [email protected]

  • We connect the data science, AI and eHealth communities by organising, for example, Machine Learning Lab and AI Think Thank meetings and monthly DASH events and/or webinars. The webinars feature speakers who share their knowledge and experience of data science in healthcare. Furthermore, members of the DASH team regularly take part in panel discussions, relevant events, workshops and presentations both within and outside the UMCG.


  • We register the needs, challenges, bottlenecks, and other input that are related to data science indicated by researchers, to offer the right solutions and improve the quality of research projects in the field of data science, AI, machine learning and eHealth. DASH is also actively involved in shaping the UMCG's vision with regard to AI and eHealth. 

  • We offer advice about funding and about how to obtain grants for data science, AI, and machine learning projects.

  • We participate in various outreach activities, including articles published in newspapers, trade journals and on websites. Furthermore, we share news about relevant events, publications, and developments via our social media channels and monthly DASH updates. Would you like to be informed of the latest data science news? Sign up for our newsletter

  • We help you start pilot projects together with public and/or private partners, and in close collaboration with the Center for Development and Innovation (CDI).


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