Data Science Center in Health (DASH)

Data Science Center in Health (DASH)

Embedding data science in UMCG's DNA Facility
Embedding data science in UMCG's DNA
DASH is the central hub for Health Data Science at the University Medical Center Groningen. We are here to revolutionise healthcare through data-driven innovation.

At a time when health data is exploding in volume and diversity, DASH is at the forefront of harnessing its potential. Our mission? To enable data-driven innovation in healthcare by bridging the gap between insight and applications. Whether you are a researcher, student, educator or healthcare professional, we offer data science expertise and support to make your vision a reality. From data science to eHealth and clinical (cohort) data to Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation, our team of experts leads the way in pushing boundaries and ensuring ethical, human-centred approaches at every step. 

Together with our partners at regional, national and international levels, we are shaping the future of healthcare through continuous innovation and collaboration. Connect with us and take healthcare to the next level with the power of data science. 

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How we work

As a researcher, student, trainer or healthcare professional, you can rely on our data science expertise and support to make your vision a reality.

Learn more about our activities, facilities and get in touch. 

  • At DASH, we thrive on collaboration, both inside and outside the walls of the UMCG, because we see it as the cornerstone of impactful healthcare innovation. We actively collaborate on key initiatives such as the Dutch AI Coalition, Health-RI, Health Technology Research & Innovation Cluster (HTRIC) and the Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology, and AI, and encourage essential discussions on the ethical and societal implications of AI in healthcare. We also facilitate the launch of pilot projects in collaboration with public and private partners. Interested in working with us or using our extensive network? We would love to get in touch with you.

  • At DASH, we are dedicated to advancing healthcare through AI and Data Science education. Our diverse initiatives, from lectures to international conferences, provide comprehensive learning opportunities. With healthcare rapidly embracing digital transformation, professionals must navigate a data-driven environment. Through the AIProHealth project, we are leading the integration of AI in healthcare. We also formed the Digital Healthcare Education Team, consisting of DASH experts and junior lecturers and colleagues of the Epidemiology Department, who developed the first Digital health education courses that are now offered to Bachelor students through the Junior Scientific Masterclass

    Our joint programme 'Your technology of tomorrow' with the ELSA AI Lab Northern Netherlands, in the Science and Engineering Faculty's science truck, shows how committed we are to shaping AI education. Whether you want to study AI or Data Science or broaden your professional horizons, we offer several opportunities. From supporting initiatives such as the Data Wise minor at the University of Groningen to organising summer and winter schoolsa and online courses, we are here to provide you with knowledge. Our commitment to AI education is also evidenced by the success of the recent exquAIro bootcamp, to which DASH made a valuable contribution. This bootcamp provided a small dedicated group of professionals from UMCG with an intensive and inspiring learning experience, allowing them to further develop in the exciting field of AI. 

    Would you also like to broaden your knowledge of this field? Take part in our (free) events led by experts, where we delve deeper into specific topics, cases and developments in this fascinating field. Check out our YouTube channel for recordings of previous events, mini lectures or education videos. Would you like to be informed about upcoming events? Subscribe to our (monthly) newsletter

  • The ELSA AI lab Northern Netherlands (ELSA-NN) is committed to the promotion of healthy living, working and ageing. By investigating the ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Societal), cultural and psychological aspects of the use of AI in different decision-making contexts and integrating this knowledge into an online ELSA tool, ELSA-NN aims to foster the knowledge, development and implementation of trustworthy human-centric AI in healthcare.  

    ELSA-NN is integrated within DASH and is working together with the AI hub Northern-Netherlands, HTRIC and additional consortium partners, especially patients/citizens, private, governmental and research organizations, to have a quadruple-helix consortium. In this context, ELSA-NN will be set-up as a learning health system in which much attention will be paid to dialogue, communication and education. Specific focus will be on investigating low social economic status (SES) perspectives, since health disparities between high and low SES groups are growing world-wide, including in the Northern region of the Netherlands and existing health inequalities may increase with the introduction and use of innovative health technologies such as AI.

  • Annually, UMCG researchers can apply for a DASH project, receiving a grant and specialised help from our team to kick-start their research efforts. These initiatives are available to researchers from clinical and pre-clinical departments working on problems in the areas of extended or complex data, research IT or data science. Selected projects will benefit from dedicated staff time and/or financial support for specialised resources or assistance. Here are some examples of previous DASH projects: 

    The call is launched in November every year. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed. 

  • The AI Think Tank, established in 2020, serves as a hub for generating ideas and providing insights on the policy and application of AI in research and clinical practice for UMCG. The think tank consists of professionals from different disciplines within UMCG and encourages diverse perspectives and expertise. Want to know more? Contact us

  • The Machine Learning Lab (MLL) provides valuable support to researchers in the field of machine learning and fosters a vibrant community. Through hybrid meetings, PhD students, postdocs, UMCG and UG staff come together to delve into the multifaceted field of machine learning in healthcare. In addition to face-to-face interactions, members are involved in an active online community, where they exchange knowledge and advice. Led by a dedicated board, the MLL is committed to organising engaging presentations, enhancing the online community and exploring additional services. Would you like to join or learn more about this community? Get in touch.

  • As researchers increasingly rely on robust IT facilities to process large and complex datasets, optimising platforms for privacy and security is paramount. We are committed to matching supply and demand in IT and data science. 

    We facilitate IT facilities tailored for data science applications and provide high-performance workstations and streamlined access to public cloud services. The IT lab is also there to build expertise in data science and artificial intelligence in healthcare. In a dynamic learning environment, participants can learn about programming, algorithms and enriching insights from medical images. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, our platform offers practical assignments to complement your theoretical knowledge. Contact us for more information


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