Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub We drive biomedical innovation and patient impact by connecting researchers, samples and data and facilitating UMCG cohorts and biobanks. Facility
The UMCG has a long tradition in cohort and biobank research committed to patient impact, dating back to the 1965 Vlagtwedde-Vlaardingen cohort. Our key strength is that we combine well-documented and longitudinal clinical and population cohorts. These cohorts and biobanks directly contribute to new knowledge and innovations to improve care, realising the UMCG’s mission of ‘building the future of health’.

The Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub serves as an umbrella for the UMCG’s cohort and biobank activities. We bring together a community of researchers, cohorts, and biobanks to drive new discoveries. Through our network we are able to connect you to the right people, knowledge, and ideas; facilitating new collaborations.

For UMCG cohorts and biobanks we provide direct support to smooth operations. We work on standard processes, harmonized internal policies, FAIRification, and knowledge sharing. We help you find your way in the complex field of cohort and biobank research. In all our activities we work closely together with other UMCG stakeholders and facilities.


  • We facilitate new collaborations and partnerships involving UMCG cohorts and biobanks together with the Center for Development and Innovation and BiomarkerBay.

    Access to cohorts and biobanks

    We connect you to the right samples and data and bring you into contact with the responsible principal investigator. Access to samples and data will depend on the rules, policies, and informed consent of the individual UMCG cohorts and biobanks. 


    We assist both external parties and UMCG researchers on topics such as rules & regulations, legislation, documentation, data access and sample sharing. Please contact our Servicedesk. We either answer your question or direct you to the right party.

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  • Looking for samples and data for your research? We are currently developing the UMCG FAIR Cohort Catalogue, set to go live by the end of 2021. In the meantime, you can find part of our cohorts and biobanks in the Groningen Data Catalogue. We are glad to help you find the right match.

  • Servicedesk

    We support UMCG researchers active in the field of cohort and biobank research. Contact our Servicedesk if you have questions or need help on any cohort or biobank related matters, for example on rules & regulations, sample & data access, legal matters, collaborations or standard procedures. We either answer your question or direct you to the right party.

    Hands-on support

    We provide project-based, hands-on support to UMCG cohorts and biobanks to solve challenges and improve operations. Contact us for more information.

    Starting a cohort or biobank

    We support researchers aiming to start a new cohort or biobank. Through a structured approach we guide you through the required steps; thinking with you and linking you to the right experts and facilities in the UMCG. We will help you setup your cohort or biobank in the best way fitting to your research goals.

    Quality & Auditing

    We are developing a light-weight internal audit procedure for individual cohorts and biobanks. After the audit, we help you implement improvements. Contact us if you are interested to participate in our pilot rounds.

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  • Center for Development and Innovation
    The Center for Development and Innovation (CDI) works on sharing UMCG know-how and collaborating with public and private partners. CDI supports the interaction between clinicians, health care professionals, scientists and collaborating public and private parties. Experts in intellectual property, contract negotiations and economic value creation. Find out more: Center for Development and Innovation

    Central Freezer Storage Facility
    The Central Freezer Storage Facility gives advice, stores, and manages biomaterials for UMCG researchers and for external institutes and companies. The Facility meets high standards for quality assurance and efficient process flows for the storage and the distribution of biomaterials. Find out more: Central Freezer Storage Facility

    Genomics Coordination Center
    The Genomics Coordination Center (GCC) is the expertise hub for ‘omics’ data analysis and integrative bioinformatics. GCC provides tools, services, and courses for researchers and bioinformaticians to accelerate scientific research and collaborations.
    Find out more: Genomics Coordination Center (GCC)

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