Rozemarijn Vliegenthart Radiologist / Professor of Cardiothoracic Imaging Profile

Rozemarijn Vliegenthart (MD, PhD, EBCR, FNASCI, FICIS, FAJSPH) is Professor of Cardiothoracic Imaging and Radiologist at the UMCG. Her research focuses on screening and early detection of cardiothoracic diseases, using newest techniques including AI, with the final goal of personalized prevention strategies. She has ample research experience in population cohort studies, including ImaLife (Imaging in Lifelines) and NELSON (lung cancer screening). Vliegenthart is PI of ImaLife, CONCRETE, and B3care. In B3care, a large-scale imaging biobank is created for validation of AI algorithms. Vliegenthart is currently Vice President of the European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology and she is part of the Data Science Center in Health (DASH) team with her expertise in clinical cohort data.