PHR-youth aims at enhancing child and youth development and participation. It does research jointly with professionals working in prevention and care, in particular on reducing psychosocial and neurodevelopmental problems.

PHR-youth assesses the best ways to reach groups at risk, i.e. vulnerable, and unravels mechanisms connecting adversity with poor outcomes. It further addresses circumstances and mechanisms via which interventions work. The programme is embedded in the practice of public health and primary care, and focuses in particular on vulnerable and hard to reach groups.


PHR-youth is at the core of the UMCG strategy on regional networks and prevention. It connects in its research environment, behaviour and body. And it connects qualitative and quantitative research to realise innovations that add maximally to the health of children and youth and their fruitful further life course. Make every contact count and connect.

Building the capacities of professionals

Our society needs an excellent and sustainable public health workforce. PHR adds to this in collaboration with public health professionals. This regards e.g. research on vaccination willingness of parents, effective communication with low health literate people, and the training of professionals regarding health advocacy. This adds evidence but even more increases the competences of public health professionals to do research themselves.


Janneke Vos-de Vries Secretary head of department Health Sciences

University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
Department of Health Sciences
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9700 RB Groningen
The Netherlands

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University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
Department of Health Sciences
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