FAIR data

Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability
Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability
The UMCG supports the FAIR data principles: findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability. It has a FAIR data and data stewardship policy, and regarding data use is ISO-9001 certified.

The University of Groningen Digital Competence center (UG DCC) develop trainings, webinars, offers support and advice to UMCG researchers and PhD candidates on FAIR data management.

The UMCG DCC and UG DCC work closely together and have established as a federation the Groningen Digital Competence Center (GDCC)

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Support in FAIR data

We support researchers and research staff in research data management. By providing support, workshops and trainings.

  • In accordance with the UMCG Research Code, a data management plan is drawn up for each research project with human subjects and approved by the principal investigator. The official UMCG data management plan template has been co-developed and approved by the NWO, ensuring the UMCG research projects adhere to the requirements of the funding agencies. A workshop on research data management awareness is obligatory for all UMCG PhD candidates, while UMCG researchers are advised to attend the RDM awareness workshop for researchers as well as complete the Privacy e-learning module. 

    More information about the UMCG Research Code

  • To encourage the use of open data sets, the UMCG has a Groningen data catalogue consisting of an overview of UMCG datasets with metadata description (for internal and external use). The UMCG also has a Research Register, an overview of all scientific research with humans, including privacy related information (internal use).

    The UMCG is also working towards FAIRification of the cohorts and biobanks

    To ensure the FAIRification of cohorts and biobanks in the UMCG, an organisation was established called the cohort and biobank coordination hub (CBCH). CBCH are creating a community of all the cohorts and biobanks in the UMCG and support them when they have policy, privacy or FAIRification issues. 

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