Develop your career with our support
Talent comes in many forms, it can change and be developed over time. We provide support throughout your entire career cycle.
We invest in people through multiple grants and fellowship programs. In personal growth and differentiated professional career paths. We support you to develop academically and otherwise.

Support we provide

  • Talent programme and MD-PhD
  • Mandema stipend for Aios with a PhD degree
  • Development and career planning
  • Support to postdoctoral fellows
  • Personal development of academics
  • The UMCG has an active talent programme, the Junior Scientific Masterclass, in which medical students are stimulated to combine their medical studies with research. This enables them to obtain their MD and PhD degrees simultaneously (JSM MD/PhD programme). For supervisors these trajectories have proven to be helpful to start and continue their research lines.
  • We offer PhD students a training programme with many research-related courses, as well as a Project Management course and the Career Perspectives series.
  • For AIOS (MDs in medical specialist training) with a PhD there is the opportunity to apply for a Mandema Stipend. This stipend gives them a head start in building their own research line and provides the necessary research time to prepare a (inter)national personal junior career grant.
  • We support postdoctoral fellows in their development and career planning. A Postdoc Council serves the interests of the community.

    UMCG postdocs can expect:
    • An introduction event
    • A postdoc development plan
    • Intervision groups with fellow postdocs
    • Grant writing support
    We offer:
    • Career orientation
    • CV and interview trainings
    • Career fairs with interested employers​​​​​​

A differentiated career path

We value personal development and therefore support academic careers:
  • Starting at the level of assistant professor,
  • then associate professor,
  • and (for exceptional talents) full professor.
Academics can develop along four research impact profiles:
  • Research
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Society and Valorisation
  • Exceptional academic talents at the UMCG may qualify for a Talent Track position. Enrolment can eventually lead to a position as full professor.

    A special branch of the Talent Track is the Rosalind Franklin Fellowship programme of the University of Groningen. This programme stimulates academic careers of female scientists.
  • The UMCG offers the "Educational Leadership" path for employees who aspire a career in education or medical training. This involves a program in 4 phases. A PhD degree is optional but not required to enter this programme.
  • Researchers at every level in their career (from post-docs to professors) can make use of our grant support services, part of the UMCG Research Office. The grant support office is the prime go-to point for any grant-related issue: be it for national, international, personal grants, consortia or public-private collaborations.

    Our support includes:
    • Tailored funding advice (in person or per department/group)
    • Call-specific networking support and stakeholder analysis
    • Funding workshops
    • Pre-award support
    • Support with proposal budgets and signatures
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Nicolien Wieringa
Research Office policy adviser, funding officer