Collaborating cohorts working on Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMID) Cohort
Collaborating cohorts working on Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMID)
Immunolines is a collaborative effort of clinical and research departments. We provide an overview of the available data‑biobanks in the UMCG from auto-immune and auto-inflammatory diseases together called IMID (Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases).

Immunolines facilitates translational research in and across IMID’s within and outside the UMCG. Our cohorts have as a central goal to increase the understanding of disease mechanisms underlying the  immune-mediated diseases including their variety in severity, involved organs and pathways underlying  active disease in order to improve early recognition and outcome with targetedtreatment.

Immunolines aims to:

  • facilitates early recognition;
  • facilitates translation between the IMIDs;
  • facilitates personalized care and treatment;
  • increases awareness and collaboration on laboratory facilities for sampling and analysis of biological material.

How Immunolines benefits to society

UMCG promotes healthy ageing. To this end the UMCG founded European research institute for the biology of ageing (ERIBA) and supports Lifelines a population based cohort and cohort initiatives. For healthy ageing in IMID’s it is necessary that the patient is recognized in an early stage of the disease before damage occurs. The Immunolines cohort studies and biobanking are in line with the FAIR (findable accessible interoperable reusable) principles, are unique in the world and are perfect for international collaboration and funding. Together with Translational Immunology Groningen (TRIGR) one of the research programs within the Groningen University Institute for Drug Exploration (GUIDE) which aims to unravel the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying immune-mediated chronic diseases and to be a platform for translational immunological research. 


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