The UMCG impact team

We share our stories on impact to your benefit and we can help you to gather your impact evidence Group
The landscape of research is changing. Funding comes with requirements on societal impact and researchers and support staff are asked to describe the relevance of UMCG research to society. But what does impact mean in practice. How do we prove it?

How can we show the impact of what we do in our daily practice in a way that is understandable and interesting to a non-expert, public audience? If only someone could help us in your journey. There is: The UMCG impact team.

We share our stories on impact to your benefit and we can help you to gather your impact evidence. Will you join us?

  • We inform, educate and create awareness about the impact of research and collaborations beyond academia.
  • We define tailored activities for individual researchers as well as departments, e.g. PhD impact prizes or citizen science events within research projects.
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Promote an impact-oriented research culture

The research performed at the UMCG creates impact on society in a large variety of ways: from improving welfare, developing new technology, starting new companies to influencing policy at local, national and EU level.

We help UMCG researchers, clinicians and support staff improve their views on impact and broaden their collaborations by offering training, examples in form of case studies and tools such as guided templates.

  • We write about research and societal impact stories:

    • Interviews
    • News articles
    • Blogs 
    • Vlogs

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  • Do you feel that terms as "societal impact" or "relevance" are still vague terms? We provide information, tools and online references to understand research impact and help in building effective communication strategies:

    To request the flyer, booklet and more information, please contact us:

  • At the UMCG, we provide multiple workshops and online webinars where you can receive information and training about research impact, open science and science communication. These events are usually for researchers and research staff alike.

    If you are interested in an overview of recurring local and (inter)national outreach events that you can join as a researcher, contact us for more information.

    Upcoming events:

    Soon more information about upcoming impact events!