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Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub

We drive biomedical innovation and patient impact by facilitating cohorts and biobanks and building new collaborations. Facility
We drive biomedical innovation and patient impact by facilitating cohorts and biobanks and building new collaborations.

The Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub (CBCH) serves as a central facilitator and linking pin for all UMCG cohort and biobank activities. We bring together a community of researchers and clinicians, and provide an excellent infrastructure to drive new discoveries. Through our network we are able to connect researchers to the right samples, data, people and knowledge. 

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With this, we support and help researchers:

  • The UMCG has a high quality infrastructure for establishing and using cohort and biobank collections. Through standard processes and workflows, harmonised policies and the right hardware and expertise we provide samples and data for excellent research. 

    Central Freezer Storage Facility

    The Central Freezer Storage Facility gives advice, stores, and manages biological samples for UMCG researchers and for external institutes and companies. The ISO-9001 certified facility meets high standards for quality assurance and efficient process flows for the storage and the distribution of biological samples. Find out more: Central Freezer Storage Facility

    Project Laboratory

    The Project Laboratory (‘projectenlab’) of the department of Laboratory Medicine is an ISO-9001 and ISO-15189 certified laboratory that facilitates specimen collection, processing and shipment for both clinical studies and biobank collections. Find out more: Project Laboratory

    Research Genome Center

    The Research Genome Center supports researchers with their next generation sequencing and genotyping projects. They offer, implement and develop state-of-the-art genomics techniques and tools used in medicine and life sciences research. Find our more: Research Genome Center 

    Genomics Coordination Center

    The Genomics Coordination Center is the expertise hub for ‘omics’ data analysis and integrative bioinformatics. They provide tools, services, and courses for researchers and bioinformaticians to accelerate scientific research and collaborations. Find out more: Genomics Coordination Center

    Information Management Research

    IM-Research manages and develops the central UMCG IT infrastructure, tools and services for research. IM-Research protects the scientific integrity of research studies and data involving human related subjects. The tools that they offer and support are certified (e.g. ISO27001) and compliant with applicable rules and regulations. 

    Digital Competence Center

    The Digital Competence Center supports researchers in FAIR data, compliant with all the applicable laws and regulations and funding organisations’ requirements. They advise researchers about best practices in research, and tools and services available to optimize the management of your research data. 

  • We facilitate new collaborations and partnerships involving UMCG cohorts and biobanks, together with the Center for Development and Innovation (CDI) and BiomarkerBay.

    UMCG Research Data Catalogue 

    Researchers inside and outside the UMCG can use the Research Data Catalogue to search for sample and data collections relevant for their research. You can use the metadata-catalogue to filter on, for example, age groups, data types and available data, such as: lab results, medication and lifestyle. Besides available samples and data, each individual profile page shows the cohort design, contributors, subcohorts, and collection events. UMCG Research Data Catalogue 

    Access to cohorts and biobanks

    We connect you to the right samples and data and the responsible principal investigator. Sample and data access will depend on the rules, policies and informed consent of the individual UMCG cohort and biobank. Contact us to find your match. 


    To facilitate collaborations, we can assist on topics such as rules & regulations, legislation, documentation, data access and sample sharing.  

  • We support cohorts and biobanks in communicating around news items, publications and success stories. We do this by using different types of communication tools, such as videos, infographics, written articles and with our newsletter. Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with the latest news around cohorts and biobanks!

  • Are you a patient and are you looking for more information on participating in UMCG cohorts and biobanks? Please visit our page on participating in scientific research (in Dutch). 

    See also: Biobanken - Biomedisch onderzoek in Nederland (in Dutch)

  • We actively support UMCG researchers in the field of cohort and biobank research. If you are an UMCG researcher, please visit the Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub SharePoint for news, events and up-to-date information on our services.

    Contact our Servicedesk if you have questions or need help.