TRAILS - TRacking Adolescents’ Individual Lives Survey

TRAILS is an ongoing, multidisciplinary research on the development of adolescents and young adults. Cohort
TRAILS is an ongoing, multidisciplinary research on the development of adolescents and young adults.
TRAILS follows young people for a long period of time to measure the psychological, social and physical development and the factors affecting this.

More than 2500 adolescents and young adults participate, since their tenth or eleventh year. More over 15 years, these participants have been examined every two to three years, through questionnaires, interviews, tests and/or physical measurements.


TRAILS aims to:

  • gain more knowledge of the causes of a favorable or unfavorable development in young adults;
  • help to prevent problems or treat them at an early stage;
  • know which groups run a high risk of problems makes it possible to operate efficiently.
    • Population cohort (N = 2230, started in 2000);
    • TRAILS CC; Clinical cohort (N=543, started in 2004);
    • Age at first wave is 10-12 years;
    • Take measurements from participants every two years until they are at least 24 years old;
    • Gather information from different sources; participants, parents, teachers, classmates, brothers and sisters;
    • Gather information about social, psychological and biological factors.
  • For a complete overview of measures collected, please visit the TRAILS website or visit the UMCG Research Data Catalogue for more detailed information on our data and samples. 

  • Centres participating in the TRAILS study include:

    • the University of Groningen 
    • the University of Utrecht
    • the Radboud University Medical Center
    • the Parnassia Psychiatric Institute

    The data collection is organized by the UMCG’s University Center of Psychiatry (UCP).

  • Please visit the TRAILS website for more information. However, applying for TRAILS is no longer possible.


Tineke Oldehinkel
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