TRacking Adolescents’ Individual Lives Survey (TRAILS) We follow young people for a long time to chart their psychological, social and physical development and factors that influence this development. Facility
TRAILS is a long-term, multidisciplinary cohort study of the psychological, social and physical development of adolescents and young adults.

Are you interested in the development of mental and somatic health during adolescence and young adulthood? Do you want to learn more about causes and consequences of a wide range of—mental—health problems? The TRAILS database might enrich your knowledge and research.

More than 2500 young people participate, from the age of ten years onwards. We have examined these young people every 2-3 years for about 20 years by means of questionnaires, interviews, tests and physical measurements. Not only the young people themselves provide information, but also family members, teachers and partners. In the study TRAILS Next, we focus on the children of the participants.

Participating centers of TRAILS include the University Medical Center and University of Groningen, the University of Utrecht, the Radboud Medical Center Nijmegen, and the Parnassia Bavo group. The data collection is organised from the Department of Psychiatry of the University Medical Center Groningen.

More on the use of TRAILS data

An overview of the TRAILS database and information on how to access the data can be found on the TRAILS website. 

Codebooks are accessible via DANS EASY.



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