NeoLifeS We evaluate health and neurodevelopmental problems in preterm children, by collecting all clinical data from birth into a single database. Facility
Premature children often have complex health problems and are always treated in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for at least several weeks, with the follow-up program we collect data to identify frequently occurring problems. That is why we have developed a hospital based database: NeoLifeS.

Our cohort comprises preterm children born before 30 weeks, gestational age and birth weights below 1000 grams. The children struggle with several health problems, including neurodevelopmental problems, impaired growth, impaired lung function and cardiac problems.

The main aim of our study:

  • Improve care for the vulnerable group;
  • Identify frequently occurring problems;
  • Identify risk factors;

Collaboration regional hospitals

With our clinical follow-up program we study preterm children to collect risk factors and health problems in a single database. In collaboration with regional hospitals we have the opportunity to understand and improve nature and course of the health problems.