The way we do research
Our research aims to change the future of health. By improving diagnostic tools or treatment options through understanding mechanisms underlying diseases. Or by preventing the onset of diseases, identifying risk factors or changing people’s lifestyle.

Research for the future of health

Our joint efforts change the lives of our patients and citizens. The future of health depends on the next generation of health professionals. That is why we keep investing in their education.

Mechanisms of disease

We aim to better understand the mechanisms underlying ageing and disease processes:
  • ​​​​​​​ to prevent the onset of disease;
  • and for those who fall ill to push the borders of diagnostic tools and innovative treatments.

Scientific integrity

We adhere to the highest standards of scientific integrity. Our researchers are trained to meet the national and international standards of research practice. New research plans are subject to rigorous review prior to onset. Through high standards of safety and quality, patients and citizens can trust our products.

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