Healthy ageing

We aim to change the future of health by identifying risk factors and opportunities for a healthy life
Healthy ageing is a lifelong process that starts even before you are born, with parents who pass on their genes and with them the risk and opportunities for a healthy life. Lifestyle, food patterns and environmental factors influence the development of health and new knowledge is required about the influence of these factors, and how they interact with one another. Watch the video about cellular ageing.
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Our ambitions is to contribute to the EU-goal ''An increase of the average healtspan by two years'' as formulated by the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging.

In our research we aim:

  • to change the future of health;
  • to identify risk factors or changing people's lifestyle;
  • to prevent the consequences of chronic diseases;
  • to increase the wellbeing and welfare of the elderly;
  • to improve satisfactory ageing, in the society and labour market;

Improve healthy ageing

Research into healthy ageing is a challenge and that calls for a multidisciplinary approach. We collaborate with the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Science and various regional, national and international partners.

We do research from fundamental biological and (pre)clinical research through to applied research into social-societal effects of disease and health. In this way we can translate results rapidly into adequate and/or improved prevention and treatment methods. Which leads us to new products in the field of medication and medical technology for making diagnoses and development of new products.

Healthy ageing is central to all of our Research Institutes and in all our research programs: