It is key to understand how the immune system develops over time. This helps us battle immune-related chronic diseases of the elderly.

Many chronic diseases, such as vasculitis, Sjögren’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease, are triggered by an abnormal immune response to environmental challenges.

We aim to unravel the mechanisms underlying such diseases to develop and improve personalised treatment and prevention. By bridging  the gap between fundamental immunology and clinical applications, we contribute to improved care and quality of life for patients with immune-related chronic diseases.

Our collaborative research groups focus on

  • defining immune characteristics for healthy ageing, disease development, remission and relapse;
  • unraveling the mechanisms in the pathophysiology of immune-mediated diseases;
  • defining targets for effective, personalised treatment.

Personalising treatment and prevention of immune-related chronic diseases

We take part in the global challenge to provide solutions for age-associated chronic diseases through research, education and improved patient care.

We study age-associated alterations of immune function to gain fundamental insight into (patho)physiological aspects of immune-aging in relation to chronic disease development. To translate our finding to clinical applications, we foster collaboration between many different  researchers and research groups, and communicate to patients, patient organisations, medical specialists, the scientific community, industrial partners and the broader health care society through outreach and teaching activities.

These collaborations deliver concrete results for patients.

  • We have developed patient-centered care paths for Sjögren’s Syndrome and Vasculitis (Giant Cell Arteritis and ANCA-Associated Vaculitis) in our accredited expertise centers.
  • We have contributed to ACR, EULAR and BSR guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of immune-mediated diseases.
  • We have contributed to the development and market introduction of Diapocare and Vitafibra.


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