University Center of Psychiatry (UCP) Improving mental health throughout the lifespan Department
Many people encounter mental health problems at least once in their lives. These problems often have a huge impact on wellbeing and functioning of patients and those close to them.

We want to contribute to a world with fewer mental health problems by developing better intervention and prevention strategies.

We do this by investigating

  • causes and consequences of mental health problems throughout the lifespan;
  • daily fluctuations of symptoms in relation to context;
  • brain mechanisms involved in mental health problems;
  • novel interventions.

How our research benefits to society

The negative consequences of mental health problems are huge, for individuals who suffer from these problems as well as for society as a whole. We feel that any problem that can be alleviated or prevented is worth the best of our efforts.

We explore, develop, and use new techniques to achieve that goal, including sophisticated research tools and innovative treatments in a multidisciplinary clinical, research and training environment. We do so in close collaboration with stakeholders, among whom patients and patient organisations, research funders, industry, insurers, and regional, national and international networks.

We consider it our duty to share our findings and insights with a broad audience, and do so by means of blogs and vlogs, organising and contributing to popular media items and public events such as Marvelous Mind.



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