UMCG launches online course to introduce healthcare professionals to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare
The educational project AIProHealth (Practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare professionals), led by the Data Science Center in Health (DASH) of the UMCG, launches a free online course for healthcare professionals to introduce them to the potential of AI and the ways which it can be used to improve patient care.

Implementation of AI in healthcare

AIProHealth wants to contribute to the implementation of AI in healthcare in the near future. This spring, the project team was given the green light to start setting up the course, when AIProHealth was selected for the education program of EIT Health, a large European partnership aimed at educating and training (future) healthcare professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs. On the 29th of November, the first part of the project will be launched; an online course, intended for healthcare professionals who want to understand AI for healthcare better. This includes doctors, nurses and biomedical researchers, as well as medical students, PhD students and general AI enthusiasts.

Key challenges of AI in healthcare

While AI can offer many opportunities to improve healthcare delivery, it also carries risks. AIProHealth's online course provides extensive practical information about AI, including the potential and limitations of AI in healthcare. In the course, procedures in the field of regulations are discussed. From social to ethical; through real-world examples, participants will discover what these risks are, so that they can then make an informed decision about using AI in their day-to-day work.

The different steps of the course show how to introduce AI into workflows in a meaningful, safe, legal and ethical way, for the benefit of patients. At each step of the course it is possible to meet other participants, share ideas and participate in active discussions.

Partners of AIProHealth

The UMCG is developing this online learning environment together with various universities, including the University Medical Center Cologne, University of Tartu, University of Copenhagen and University of Groningen and various industrial partners. From the 29th of November, the course is available on FutureLearn, a large online platform that develops courses according to the principle of the Massive open online course, or MOOC. For more information and to register, visit FutureLearn.

More information about AIProHealth.