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Practical Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Professionals
Practical Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Professionals
There is still a lot of resistance to AI. For some 'AI' is feared as a threat of taking over human interaction. AIProHealth brings together experts from all areas and sectors (public and private) of the healthcare and serious gaming communities to create a unique programme to put the hype of AI into perspective and allay fears about its use in healthcare practice.

AIProHealth is a large international consortium in which experts are jointly developing a customisable AI learning environment with various learning modules. As part of this, a massive open online course (MOOC) and a Face2Face course with a serious game as its main aspect have already been developed. In autumn 2023, this will be expanded to include winter and summer courses in Tartu and Groningen.

The overall package offers an innovative blended learning experience that provides healthcare professionals with valuable information while taking into account the patient's perspective.


Learning modules

The AIProHealth project includes various facets and learning modules, both on and offline.  

You can find more information on the various components below. 

  • The MOOC is a free course that has been launched on FutureLearn and provides a first insight into the many aspects of AI in healthcare. Throughout this course, you learn more about the technical background and the potential of AI in healthcare, while also discussing the limitations such as ethical and legal issues. The course helps to build your knowledge and confidence in key areas of AI in healthcare and prepares you for implementing it into your own workflow.

    Do you want to explore how AI can be used to improve patient care and gain more insight into the implementation of AI in the health professions?

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  • The Face2Face course and serious game focus on the actual implementation of AI in healthcare practice. The focus of this course is on the patient journey, highlighting specific phases such as pre-care and diagnosis, as AI could play a major role in this in the near future.

    The key aspect of this course is the serious game board game AI Hospital. Players of the game are a group of AI hospital consultants who must assist fictional healthcare professionals by making choices about implementing AI during a particular patient journey. The game encourages discussion between players and helps them apply the theoretical knowledge they gained in the MOOC to a practical situation. This game has already been successfully played at international symposia, conferences and departmental sessions. 

    Want to know more about this board game? Feel free to contact Eline Meijer.
    Serious game AI

  • The UMCG is collaborating on this online learning environment with various EIT Health associated partners and multiple companies.

    This group of partners covers the entire knowledge triangle, with representatives from education, research and industry. This will assure the best expertise and knowledge in the development of the courses.

    Partners in this consortium
    UMC Groningen
    Data Science Center in Health
    University of Groningen
    University Hospital Cologne
    University of Tartu
    University of Copenhagen
    8D Games
    OneVision Healthcare

    Other partners
    Several organisations throughout Europe have expressed an interest in collaborating on the AIProHealth project. This list of partners will therefore be expanded even further.



Peter van Ooijen
Peter van Ooijen Professor of AI in Radiotherapy, Machine Learning Lab Coordinator and expert Machine Learning at the Data Science Center in Health (DASH)
Rik Wisselink-Bijker
Eline Meijer
Eline Meijer Data Scientist at the Data Science Center in Health (DASH)