Used UMCG Equipment Sent to Medical Scientific Institute in Paramaribo

The Medical Scientific Institute (MWI) in Paramaribo, Suriname, requested support from Prof. Dr. Conny van Ravenswaaij this year to acquire used freezers and PCR equipment. This request has now been granted with the assistance of the Genetics Department and the Central Freezer Facility (CVF) at the UMCG.
The freezer is properly secured by colleagues from the Central Freezer Facility

The UMCG has been collaborating with the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP) in Suriname for several years. Prof. Dr. van Ravenswaaij has been involved in the collaboration from the beginning and, along with her team, visits the hospital annually. Here, she and her colleagues have helped establish the Clinical Genetics department.

New Equipment Desperately Needed

The MWI directly contributes to improving healthcare in Suriname through conducting medical scientific research and providing custom laboratory services. Due to the deteriorating economy in Suriname, the MWI is unable to adequately address the replacement of the required equipment. The institute faces urgent shortages in its current equipment inventory. They no longer have a functioning freezer and have only one PCR machine left.

The presence of conventional PCR equipment and ultra-low-temperature freezers is essential for researching pathogens and storing biological materials for specific tests. Additionally, it's worth noting that for long-term storage of various virus and parasite isolates, temperatures lower than -70 degrees Celsius must be maintained.

A Second Life for Used UMCG Equipment

In consultation with Lifelines, the Central Freezer Facility has prepared a still-functioning but no longer used -80-degree Celsius freezer from the sample storage location CVF/Lifestore at Eemspoort, Jeverweg for shipping. The freezer's manufacturer/supplier, PHCBI, performed maintenance before shipment, replacing several components to ensure the freezer continues to function well for an extended period.

Previously, the Genetics Department prepared three PCR machines for shipping and use.