Central Freezer Storage Facility Cold storage of any kind of aliquots Facility
We give advise, store, and manage biomaterials for the University Medical Centre Groningen and also for external institutes and companies.

The University Medical Center has a professionally managed Central Freezer Facility for scientific research (storage exceeding 3 months). It meets high standards for quality assurance and efficient process flows of the storage and the distribution of biomaterials.

The controlled storage of biomaterials meets the requirements set by ISO certification, (ISO9001:2015) legislation, and regulations, both research that is subject to the WMO, as well as research that is not subject to this legislation (biobank).

Both existing and new collections can be stored.

This is how we work

First contact and agreement

  • contact us (email) and indicate your wishes and the kind of information that will be collected. We will contact you and together we'll work out your specific wishes;
  • fill in the required administration if necessary with the help of the staff at the freezer facility.

Regular contact throughout storage

  • during the practical phase (inserting samples) we'll maintain contact regularly;
  • during the period your samples are stored at the freezer facility, we'll always respond to any questions you might have.
    1. In the basement below the Central Medical Complex; cellar D. Storage of an amount of 104 -20/-80 freezers and 16 500L bulk RVS cryo containers.
    2. Outside the hospital at the logistic campus “Logistiek Centrum Eemspoort” Storage of an amount of 174 -80 freezers.

Our services

  • Our Freezer Storage Facility offers researchers storage and management of biomaterials for their research projects such as clinical trials, cohort studies and patient control studies. Storage can be done at -20 °C, -80 °C and liquid nitrogen.

    For other matters related to clinical trials and studies, visit: UMCG research or contact Research Support (email)

  • Do you want to collect biomaterials for your new biobank or professionalize your current collection? We offer step-by-step support and advise on the collection, storage, and biomaterial management of your biobank collection.

    For other matters related to starting your biobank please contact the Cohort and Biobank Coordination Hub (email)

    • Label the aliquots tubes (several variant) as a batch process
    • Separate (batch)labels we can print with a tube labelar machine
    • Relabel cold frozen aliquot tubes
    • Scan 2D/QR aliquot tubes boxes as a batch
    • Provide transportation through the Netherlands
    • Provide transportation shipments (with withdrawal and collection request) throughout the world (import/export)
    • For transportation requests we have a caddy (as a separate service)
  • Besides help with storage space and an optimal storage plan, we also offer help with:

    • We provide a sample registration (reporting tool).
    • Provide help of any kind around biomaterial collection and storage, from protocols to collection issues and so on.
    • 24/7 alarm/monitoring system and a follow-up protocol by malfunction of the storage equipment.​​​​​​


Central Freezer Storage 
Hanzeplein 1
9713 GZ Groningen
the Netherlands