Science in Healthy Ageing and healthcaRE​ (SHARE) To us everything is health and health is everything. We are SHARE. Institute
Curiosity is our driving force. We link researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds to explore health from every possible angle mostly outside hospital walls.
  • improve patient adaptation to disease
  • improve the societal participation of patients with chronic somatic and mental disease
  • we study cost-effectiveness and efficacy of pharmaceutical and psychosocial interventions

Our research field varies from pre-conception to old age, from mental health to physical health, from personal to societal.


Research to ensure healthy participation

Everything is health means we focus on prevention of burden of disease for patients and for their families. It als means focus on health care costs, and consequences of disease.

We want both patients and healthy people to stay active in society, to be active participants in their social relationships as well as in the labour market. Life style and promotion of physical activity are great prevention instruments.

At the UMCG we promote these instruments in care and study the benefits of prevention instruments to society as a whole.

  • We work together with municipalities in the region of Groningen, with health care insurance companies, regional primary care organisations and many international partners.

  • The Physician Implemented Exercise =Medicine (PIE=M) project combines both care and research to find answers on issues like:

    • Why specialists do or don't discuss physical activity with their patients.
    • How can we support them and their patients?
    • Can activity advice be personalised?

    Visit the ZONMw project results

Research programmes



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