SeniorLines Hospital-based databank to facilitate research into the added value of hospital treatment for older patients (70 years and older). Facility
Older patients (70 years and older) are prospectively included while being admitted to the UMCG. Nurses and trained research staff screen all patients for inclusion in Seniorlines.

We collect objective and subjective data, up to 12 months after hospitalisation, facilitating a broad range of research topics focusing on care improvement within the field of geriatric medicine.

Measuring outcomes

The dataset contains demographic characteristics, medical measures regarding acute and chronic diseases, functional and cognitive status, and other geriatric conditions. Additionally, the patient is interviewed about his health efficacy, health literacy, aims and expectations of hospitalisation and more patient-relevant outcomes like functional decline.

Besides subjective, also more qualitative data, like diagnostic and treatment procedures are recorded. Short- and long-term outcomes on health and functional status at 3 and 12 months after hospitalisation will be collected. 

Seniorlines started in 2014 and merged in September 2020 with Acutelines. 


We are continuously looking for motivated people to support the team. Students from either the Universities of (bio)medical sciences or the University of Applied Sciences are encouraged to contact us for (short) research projects. As a research intern, you will learn a lot about geriatric patients and how to conduct and organize scientific research. Besides, weekly research meetings and journal clubs will give you insights in other fields of geriatric medicine than your own research topic.