Our purpose is to develop a knowledge base that supports both nursing practice and nursing profession.

To date, evidence-based nursing is scarcely implemented, and we have many questions related to the effect of nursing on health, functioning, quality of life, and well-being and to the topic of interprofessional working and learning. 

Our main research topics are: frailty, functioning, person-centered care, transplant care, essential care, and professional development. 


A crucial impact on the quality of life

“Without nurses, there would be no health care,” stated the Lancet in 2020. Nursing is crucial to the impact on the quality of life of individuals and groups of patients and their beloved ones. We are proud to contribute with our scientific research to the strengthening of nursing as a profession. We do this by collaborating with colleagues from different disciplines within and outside the UMCG with other research groups, universities of applied sciences, and care organisations.