Mandatory digital data exchange in healthcare is getting closer in the Netherlands

Last Friday, the Dutch Council of Ministers approved the legislative proposal on electronic data exchange in healthcare. This brings the mandatory digital exchange of patient data between healthcare providers in The Netherlands a step closer.

In healthcare, data is still too often exchanged by fax, on paper or, for example, via DVDs. This has many drawbacks. In this way, there is a risk of data loss or error, affecting both the healthcare provider and the patient.

Exchange electronically

This eventual law must regulate that medical data is compulsorily exchanged electronically between healthcare providers. Therefore, it is important that healthcare providers record medical data in the same way, so that there is a unity of language and technology. This concerns agreements about when and how which technical terms are used, but also that ICT systems impose the same requirements on the exchange of information. The complexity of healthcare requires an approach for each care process. That is why various data exchanges have been started, focusing on specific data. The proposal is now going to the Dutch House of Representatives.

More information (in Dutch) can be found here

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