Groningen University Institute for Drug Exploration (GUIDE) We aim to fill the unmet need in cure and prevention by devising and implementing the best (drug) treatment for each individual patient. We are GUIDE. Institute
GUIDE allows us to change the current “one size fits all” to a “a fit for each size” drug treatment, where we need to innovate the process of target finding, drug/intervention design and development, and the clinical implementation of those drugs.

We also need to break down remaining barriers between the fundamental and applied (clinical) sciences and collaborate with all stakeholders in the drug/intervention design and development arena. This allows us to find a "fit for each size” treatment within the next decade, offering actual personal and societal impact.

A collaboration between the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and the Faculty of Science and Engineering (University of Groningen)


From "one size fits all" to "fit for each size" in the next decade

The best treatment for each of our patient is personalised treatment. We cover all aspects of the drug-intervention life cycle from its inception to its use in daily clinical practice.

Our combined drug research should deliver an improved therapy model for anybody that needs it. We innovate the process of

  • target finding,
  • drug-intervention design and development,
  • the clinical implementation of drugs.
  • We integrate omics and big data sciences to renew target finding

  • Drug design and development accelerate by rapid drug discovery technology and advanced more humanized methods for candidate screening and selection.

  • In clinical implementation we work on:

    • new trial design,
    • methodology for accelerated regulatory approval,
    • patient empowerment,
    • improved therapeutic applications,
    • evaluation of effectiveness and safety in daily practice,
    • and interventions to improve optimal drug use.

    Research on small therapeutic molecules will be extended towards biopharmaceuticals, gene-based products, and interactions with lifestyle changes.

Research programmes


Visiting Address

Ant. Deusinglaan 1
Building 3217 "De Brug"
room 7.31
9713 AV Groningen

Post Office Address
P.O. Box 196
9700 AD Groningen
The Netherlands


GUIDE: Prof. dr. Jos Kosterink (Director )
GRIP: Prof. dr. Erik Frijlink (Deputy director GUIDE/Director)
GUIDE: Dr. Michelle Pena (Policy advisor)
GRIP: Dr. Ralph van Calck (Research Coordinator)

Management Team

Prof. dr. Sven van IJzendoorn (education)
Prof. dr. Barbro Melgert (societal relevance)
Dr. Udo Mulder (research)