Grant for educational UMCG-project 'Practical AI for healthcare professionals'

The educational project AIProHealth (Practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare professionals), led by the Data Science Center in Health (DASH) of the UMCG, aims to contribute to the implementation of AI in healthcare in the future. The AIProHealth project proposal has been selected for the 2021 EIT Health Education programme, enabling the first steps in the right direction to be taken.
Grant for educational UMCG-project 'Practical AI for healthcare professionals'

Simplify and improve healthcare with AI

The first implementations of artificial intelligence in healthcare are visible. However, its role in daily practice is still limited. Obstacles to increasing the implementation of AI in healthcare include the lack of knowledge and the resistance of healthcare professionals to the use of AI solutions in practice. Thanks to the AIProHealth project, large numbers of European healthcare professionals will be trained to reduce fear of AI and increase the involvement of healthcare professionals in the deployment and implementation of AI.

Sharing expertise

Since 2014, the UMCG has been a partner of EIT Health, a major European project aimed at training and retraining future healthcare professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs. The idea behind EIT Health is that innovation thrives when the right people are brought together to share expertise. The AIProHealth project therefore brings together experts from all areas and sectors of the healthcare and serious gaming communities to create a unique programme to put the hype in perspective while allaying fears of using AI in healthcare practice.

Focus on the patient's journey

The aim of the AIProHealth project is to develop an AI learning environment with an online course (MOOC) and a physical course with a serious game as the most important aspect. The MOOC will provide a first insight into the many aspects of AI in healthcare, while the physical course and the serious game focus on the actual implementation of AI in healthcare practice. The focus of the training will be on the patient journey, highlighting specific phases such as pre-care and diagnosis, as AI could play an important role in this in the near future. Participants in the courses can therefore have different positions, ranging from nurse to manager. In the physical course, they work on realistic scenarios in a needs-based serious game that can leverage different patient pathways.

Partners of AIProHealth

In this online learning environment, the UMCG works together with various partners associated with EIT Health, including the University Medical Center Cologne, University Tartu, University Copenhagen and University of Groningen. In addition, various companies are also closely involved in the project, such as AlgoMedica, ArtiQ Invivox and Mediaire. The serious game is being developed together with 8D Games. 8D Games develops serious games and gamifications for healthcare, education, government and business, among others. The UMCG has collaborated extensively with 8D games in the past. This collaboration has already resulted in a successful ice skating game for fall prevention in the elderly. Work is now underway on the further elaboration and implementation of the AIProHealth project. The goal is to start the MOOC on FutureLearn in the autumn of 2021 and to launch the serious game. FutureLearn is a provider of online education from top universities and institutions around the world.

More information

Visit the projectpage for more information about AIProHealth.