Educational project AIProHealth receives UMCG grant to set up physical course
The educational project AIProHealth (Practical Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Professionals) aims to contribute to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The project, led by the Data Science Center in Health (DASH) of the UMCG, consists of three different components, of which the online course and the serious game have already been launched. Last month, a grant from the Clinical Research and Education Fund was awarded to AIProHealth, with which the third component, a physical course, can be created in the near future.

The AIProHealth project is training large numbers of European healthcare professionals to reduce the fear of AI and to increase the involvement of healthcare professionals in the deployment and implementation of AI. The total education package offers an innovative blended learning experience that enlightens the healthcare professional with valuable information, taking into account the patient's perspective.

Last year, the first part of AIProHealth, an online course, was launched on FutureLearn. In this course, which can be taken on demand, participants get a first insight into the many aspects of AI in healthcare. The course helps build knowledge and confidence in the key areas of AI in healthcare and prepares healthcare professionals to implement it in their own workflow.

Face2Face Course

The Face2Face course helps participants to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained in the online course to a practical situation and gives them hands-on experience with existing applications. Much attention will be paid to the patient journey, focusing on specific phases such as pre-care and diagnosis, as AI could play an important role in this in the near future.

An important aspect of this course will be the serious game, which has already been developed. Players of the game are a group of advisors to the AI hospital that need to assist fictional healthcare professionals by making choices about the implementation of AI throughout a particular patient journey.

Partners of AIProHealth

For this project, UMCG cooperates with several partners affiliated with EIT Health and various companies. This group of partners covers the entire knowledge triangle, with representatives from education, research and industry, to ensure that the best expertise and knowledge is present in the development of the courses.

Want to know more about AIProHealth? Visit the website.