Cooperation Groningen - Oldenburg Investing in medical education, pioneering in research and enhancing clinical care collaboration in the Dutch-German cross-border region. Network
Both University of Groningen and University of Oldenburg are keen to constantly improve healthcare for patients on both sides of the border. This can only be achieved through firm cooperation in various areas. We invest in medical education and prospective physicians, we work together on joint pioneering scientific projects and we strengthen cooperation in clinical care.

The Universities of Groningen and Oldenburg have been connected to each other through the 1980's Cooperation Agreement. Since then, the cooperation has only been strengthened and deepened and currently covers three areas in the medical field. By cooperation in the areas of education, research and clininal care, we hope to provide an increasingly high quality of healthcare to our patients in the cross-border region. 


We have established the European Medical School, a cross-border medical degree programme, unique in Europe. Through our practice-oriented and research-based approach, we aim to set new standards in medical education and train highly qualified physicians for the future.


Groningen and Oldenburg researchers work closely together and combine their research experiences in order to conduct pioneering research. This collaboration had already resulted in numerous joint scientific projects in various fields. In 2018 the 'Joint Graduate Research Training Group' and the 'Cross-Border Institute' were established as part of this research collaboration.

Clinical care

We further cooperate on clinical care services so that patients are assured of the most excellent healthcare on both sides of the border. 

For more detailed information and practical adminstrative facts we would like to refer you to the website of het University of Oldenburg