Cross-border Institute of Healthcare Systems and Prevention (CBI) Creating a blueprint for sustainable and resilient health systems in European border regions Network
We seek to connect healthcare researchers and providers, health policy makers, health enterprises and civil society on both sides of the border, boost the cooperation among them, and facilitate the sharing of good practices, through the development of joint cross-border health research projects.

Different healthcare systems + similar health challenges = Regional health solutions.

Under the umbrella of the jointly operated CBI, the Dutch and German health systems must be extensively analysed from an interdisciplinary approach, such as, for example, medical care, health economics, health data, health services, legal and social aspects related to health.

We compare the structure, processes and organisation of the healthcare system from a bottom-up approach. We aim to identify barriers that hamper the synchronisation of the healthcare services and treatments at each side of the border, and opportunities and best practices that contribute to the complementarity of the healthcare provided.