Bringing your research from bench to bedside

Molecular biologist Ody Sibon has been studying a rare disease called Pantothenate-Kinase-Associated-Neurodegeneration (PKAN) for years. Her ultimate goal is to help patients with her research. By coincidence she discovers a vitamin derivative in a fruitfly model that might also help PKAN patients. But how do you bring your research to patients?

'As a fundamental researcher, I work in a laboratory: I do not have the knowledge or experience to develop a product suitable for critically ill patients', Ody explains. She decided to ask the help of business developer Hans Hektor from the Innovation Center.

A team effort leading to success

In this project Ody collaborated with Hans and a motivated international team consisting of researchers, clinicians, technicians, patient organisations, students and volunteers. Together they succeeded developing a medical food supplement for a clinical trial in patients. But how did the proces start? What challenges did they encounter? What did they learn? What are their future plans? Listen to the newest episode of UMCG ResearchTalk and find out.

The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is the first point of contact that helps healthcare professionals and researchers within and outside of the UMCG to successfully innovate in line with the UMC objectives. As a hub of innovation, they aim to enlarge the societal impact of the UMCG by using their expertise, experience and extensive network. They offer support with implementation, education, start-ups, license agreements, industry sponsored research agreements, and innovation communities.