Almost 1 million Euro for research on an ultra-rare disease

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The Horizon 2020 European Joint Program on Rare Diseases awarded EUR 932.000 to an international consortium led by UMCG professor Sven van IJzendoorn (department of Biomedical Sciences of Cells & Systems) to develop an antioxidant treatment as a novel therapeutic option for microvillus inclusion disease (MVID).

MVID is a rare disease with no cure, characterized by unstoppable diarrhea and the inability to absorb dietary nutrients. Professor Van IJzendoorn is a leading expert on this disease and initiator of the world-wide MVID registry.

Recent studies in his laboratory have shed new light on the cellular mechanisms that underlie this disease. This provided leads for a novel therapeutic option which, with the awarded grant, will be further developed in a European setting towards the clinic. 

More information: EJP RD-website

A short video for laymen about MVID (in Dutch)