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AHON-database - Het Academisch Huisarts Ontwikkel Netwerk

Containing healthcare data from affiliated general practices in the Northern Netherlands. Cohort
Containing healthcare data from affiliated general practices in the Northern Netherlands.
The Academic General Practitioner Development Network (AHON) manages a database of routinely collected healthcare data from affiliated general practices in the Northern Netherlands.

AHON is part of the UMCG Department of Primary and Long-term Care and wants to improve the quality of primary care. The AHON-database provides valuable input for scientific research, education and training in the field of primary care, as well as benchmark output for affiliated general practices.

The AHON-database aims to:

  • contribute to the scientific research in the field of general practice and health care by providing tailored datasets;
  • improve the quality and sustainability of primary care by providing benchmark reports for participating general practices;
  • develop best practices in datamanagement and dataprocessing with respect to routine primary health care data at the local and national level in collaboration with our partnering registration networks.
  • As per the 1st of July 2022, the AHON-database contains information on provided health care of a little more than 444 thousand patients; approximately 304 thousand of whom were still registered at that date. Data come from about 65 participating general practices, and that number is still growing.

  • Our longitudinal database is used as the main cohort. Tailor-made datasets are prepared based on the research questions. In some cases, existing datasets can be reused for new research questions. The AHON team can give advice on these topics.

  • Please visit the UMCG Research Data Catalogue for more detailed information on our data and samples. 

    Relevant data registered in the Health Information Systems (HIS) at the affiliated general practices on provided health care are included in the AHON-database.

    The following details are typically available:

    • morbidity, including presenting complaints, symptoms, and diagnoses, encoded according to the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC);
    • medication prescriptions, encoded according to the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification;
    • medical investigations, including diagnostic, biometric, and laboratory results;
    • referrals to other health care providers (e.g. secondary care.

How the AHON-database benefits to society

The AHON-database aims to improve the quality of primary care in the Northern Netherlands and contribute to more healthy years of life for the population living in this region.


Feikje Groenhof AHON-database coordinator
Karina Sulim Datamanager

University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
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The Netherlands

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