10,000th inclusion for OncoLifeS

Data biobank OncoLifeS has been collecting data and bodily material from cancer patients for research since 2014. OncoLifeS aims to further improve care for people with cancer (short- and long-term) and enhance their quality of life. Recently, OncoLifeS included its 10,000th patient and there are plans to expand to more hospitals in the North.
10,000th inclusion

When Prof Truuske de Bock joined the UMCG in 2014, she noted that data on cancer patients was not accessible and not yet systematically recorded. A clear overview with information on these patients would, in her opinion, be precisely valuable for understanding the onset and course of the disease. Therefore, data biobank OncoLifeS was founded. Since its inception, more than 80 scientific publications have appeared and more than 60 research applications have been made for the use of OncoLifeS data and/or biomaterial.

A treat for the loyal employees

To thank staff involved in patient inclusion or biomaterials processing for their efforts contributing to the success of OncoLifeS, cupcakes were handed out in the various departments.


To mark the 10,000th inclusion, OncoLifeS organised a symposium at the UMCG on Monday 22 January 2024. It reflected on all the research done so far and looked ahead to the future. Inspiring speakers shared their insights.

  • Truuske de Bock: Origin and possibilities of OncoLifeS. The platform helps improve complex care by using patient data.
  • Aniek Zwart: Clinical data and biomarkers as predictors of complications in head and neck cancer. A step forward in identifying vulnerable patients.
  • Fenneke Zwierenga: Material collection for ROS1 mutated lung cancer. Social media and OncoLifeS as powerful tools for research on rare groups.
  • JJ Schuringa: Using biomaterials from OncoLifeS to decipher molecular mechanisms for better treatment and survival of patients of haematological malignancies.
  • Rudolf Fehrmann: Real-world data for broad research and understanding of treatments across all patients.
  • Wiro Niessen: Health Data Valley: Data- and AI-driven health (care) in the North and the importance of good data infrastructure for scientific research and improvement of care.
  • Menno de Bree: Philosophical approach to biobank ethics, where data collection is not always the ultimate goal.
  • Jourik Gietema: Future vision of OncoLifeS, striving for inclusion of as many patients as possible and access to historical data.

This symposium impressively illustrated how data biobank OncoLifeS plays a crucial role in advancing scientific research and increasing the quality of care for cancer patients. OncoLifeS remains committed to improving cancer care, with the ambition of including the next 10,000 patients.

More information and contact
For more information or to contact us, visit the OncoLifeS website or contact prof. dr. Truuske de Bock or Janny Nagel.